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our marketing plan deploys tested marketing strategies, included in our marketing system, based on tested marketing ideas
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We unlock your potential and put you in the spotlight using video, mobile, social media, online communication, traditional media and creative instruments.

We apply the Profitable Marketing Matrix to rapidly grow your business, according to your desires. Click on the “Advising Profitable Businesses” image below for our presentation.Advising Profitable Businesses

STEP #1: EVALUATION. We explore together the Hidden Profits of your business: we listen to your needs and desires, and we learn about the problems you are faced with.

This preparatory stage includes a free coaching session of 30 minutes over the phone/online, discussing about your business – what you have done up to now, with what results, what are your objectives and with what means do you intend to reach these objectives (diagnose, treatment, return).sistem strategii plan

STEP #2: PREPARATION. We give you our proposition of customized solutions, described in the Progressive Marketing System. This system includes the progressive and automatic implementation of specific strategies, chosen based on the observations of the first step.

In this way, the results are fast, they are easy to measure and replicate, and the actions included in the customized development plan are easy to understand, to adopt and to apply.

Usually, we choose between two and four pairs of proven strategies for each month of activity, detailed, adapted and automatically implemented in your business.

We follow up the progress and effects of every strategy, adjusting the actions as we go, to achieve maximum ROI.customized solutions

STEP #3: ACTIVATION. We agree with you the rhythm of the deployment of the activities included in the Action Plan, we determine the KPIs and the objectives, we choose the pairs of strategies for the first month and we launch them in your business.

We discuss with you, at least once a week, about the progress of the Action Plan and the results obtained by applying the chosen strategies. We adjust the elements of the Profitable Marketing Matrix, measuring the performance and comparing with the intermediary objectives.

All steps are taken together with you, from choosing the pairs of weekly implemented strategies to measuring the results, as a consequence of the activation of the Progressive Marketing System.

The purpose is to set the marketing activities on autopilot, so that your business works efficiently for you, instead of you working for your of growth

You will constantly have data from the “map”, knowing where you are, in relation to where you started and to your chosen target, using the mapping of the Profitable Marketing Matrix.

We arrange successful barter deals for you, we can negotiate advertising plans on Tv, online, printed press, outdoor boards, etc., we organize events and advise on your business growth.

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